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Get a tailor-made package to unspoilt Zambia and on-holiday support from an Africa travel specialist.
See Africa your way, with our help.

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Plan and book your tailor-made private Botswana safari tour with help from a specialist safari travel agent.

Get a tailor-made package to unspoilt Zambia and on-holiday support from an Africa travel specialist.
See Africa your way, with our help.

Nestled just below East Africa, you’ll find the southern African gem of Zambia. A trip to Zambia offers the spectacular landscapes, big and small game and bird viewing you’d expect from a premier African tourist destination.

However, Zambia has a few advantages over its neighbours, making it one of our favourites.

We love sending people to this country as they’re never disappointed. Let’s start planning your own private Zambia safari package today, or consider combining it with a beach destination for your ultimate dream safari and beach holiday.

Our Top 4 Reasons to Visit Zambia

1. Uncrowded and unspoilt

Avoid the crowds! There’s a reason why we call Zambia Africa’s best-kept secret. In this country, you’ll find vast expanses of unspoilt wilderness and waterways, teeming with wildlife. 30% of the country is reserved for wildlife management areas. You’ll find the Big 5 on safari and not have to fight other vehicles for a view.

Zambezi river cruise - Zambia safari tours
2. An affordable safari destination

People planning trips to Africa are often surprised at the costs involved in visiting East Africa or Botswana. Zambia offers all of the natural beauty, culture, activities and wildlife, but at a more affordable rate.

Whether you’d prefer a luxury Zambia safari experience, or a more rustic one, you’ll find that your budget will take you further here.

River view at Sausage Tree Camp - Zambia safari package
3. Walking safaris started here

North and South Luangwa National Parks were pioneers in introducing this activity to African tourism. A Zambia walking safari takes you right up close to the small details of the African bush.

While you may be able to get up close to impressive dangerous animals in a safari vehicle, on foot, you”ll see the bush from the perspective of the animals.

Expert guides keep you safe and point out details like footprints, insects, animal dens, birds and plants, while sharing their in-depth knowledge of the bush.

Elephant seen on Zambia walking safari
4. Friendly people!

Do a little bit of reading and you can’t miss it – everyone has this to say about Zambians: they’re extremely friendly!

We can recommend activities like cooking classes for local cuisine, enjoying Lusaka’s eateries and Sunday markets, or even booking an overnight stay in a traditional mud hut in Kawaza Village if you’d like to meet the locals and explore their customs.

Sausage Tree Camp Zambia - friendly staff - Zambia tours

Things to do in Zambia

A question everyone interested in visiting Africa asks is, “What else is there to do besides go on safari?”

The good news is that – while safaris in Zambia are as excellent as any you’ll find in any Africa’s safari destinations countries – a Zambian tour itinerary can offer more than you may have dreamed of.

The best part of this is that Zambia is one of the more affordable countries to visit in Africa, meaning your travel budget will stretch further, and you’ll be able to stay longer and cram more activities into your itinerary for less.

Perhaps even better, Zambia is less well-known than, say, Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa, meaning you’re less likely to have to fight the crowds. Who wants to fly all the way to unspoilt and remote parts of Africa only to have to queue behind other vehicles?

Take a look at these suggested travel ideas, and we can add these while planning your private Zambia safari package.


Lion in South Luangwa - Zambia Big 5 safari
Zambia big 5 Safaris

Zambia has all sorts of wildlife to spot, from the small – such as king baboon spiders – to the tall – graceful giraffes.

If this is your first trip to Africa, though, what you’ll most be likely to want to see is the “Big 5”.

These aren’t named for their large size – although they are all at least the size of a small human, if you consider female leopards.

These stars of the African bushveld are so named because hunters in the 1800s deemed them the five most dangerous animals to hunt.

We invite you to hunt them with your eyes and cameras in Zambia, because all five – lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and elephant – can be found here.

What makes viewing them in Zambia special is that you’re less likely to have to fight with a queue of cars at sightings, seeing as Zambia is less well known as a safari destination than its neighbours.

Woodland kingfisher - Zambia birding safari
Zambia birding safaris

Southern Africa is a twitcher’s dream!

Birders will have no shortage of action to follow at any time of year in Zambia.

The African fish eagle is the national bird of Zambia, and their haunting cries are commonly heard along the banks of the Zambezi River or shores of Lake Kariba.

While all of Zambia’s many national parks are home to rich birdlife, Lochinvar National Park and the Bengweulu Swamps are favourites for birders, and you can hope to see marsh tchagras, grebes, pratincoles, crowned cranes, pelicans, flamingos and rare slaty egrets, to name a few.

Speak to us about organising a specialist birding safari guide, if bird watching is a top priority for you.

"Flight of the angels" helicopter over Victoria Falls - from Chundukwa River Lodge, Zambia
Take the "flight of the angels" in a helicopter over Victoria Falls

If the thrill and breathtaking views of a regular helicopter ride appeal to you, how about a flip over the “smoke that thunders”?

Victoria Falls is Africa’s highest waterfall, and we think that the absolute most exciting way to view it is from directly over it in a helicopter!

Luxury tourists with a bit of extra budget will want to add this to their personal Zambia tour package.

We can arrange this as part of your inclusive package price.

Lusaka craft market - Zambia tours
Craft markets

Support local artisans and return home with incredible souvenirs from one of Zambia’s craft markets.

You’ll find these items made of colourful fabrics and carved from wood near tourist areas.

If you are stopping over in Lusaka, you might want to visit one of the large craft markets there.

Elephant Sighting on the Zambezi - from Chundukwa River Lodge, Zambia
Zambezi River cruises

Slide past crocodiles and hippos on the deck of a boat on the Zambezi River.

Watch a multitude of animals come down to the water to drink, and view them with a sundowner cocktail or camera in hand from the unique perspective of the water.

These boat cruises can be added to your itinerary depending on your choice of lodge.

Walking safari - Kaingo Camp, Zambia
Zambia walking safaris

South Luangwa was the birthplace of walking safaris, and today, Zambia still ranks as one of the best places in Africa to experience the bush on foot.

Walking safaris are less about close encounters with big game and more about immersing yourself in the sights and sounds and small details of the bush.

However, if you should come close to large animals, all reputable walking safaris will be led by expert guides who have been trained on how to behave around potentially dangerous animals, and Zambia’s guides are some of the best.

Most lodges will include two activities per day, and usually a walking safari can be included as one of those activities upon request, depending on the lodge.

Chat to us for our best recommendations for walking safaris.

Tiger fishing - Sausauge Tree Camp, Zambia
Tiger fishing

Tiger fishing is a popular activity along the Zambezi. Nothing like a peaceful trout fishing trip – expect these toothy fish to put up a fight!

Particular Zambezi lodges offer this activity on their menu, but there are some lodges that specialise in the tiger fishing experience, and we can plan your whole personalized trip package around this sport, if you’re a fishing fanatic.

This activity can be performed all year round, although some experts claim that the best time is after the rainy season from May until September when the fish are more concentrated in the receded waterways.

Zambia cultural tour - Kawaza Village children
Kawaza cultural village tour

Live among Zambians living in an authentic and traditional Zambian way.

Be welcomed for a night at Kawaza Village, where you’ll play drums, do craft work and dance alongside friendly villagers eager to teach you about their way of life.

We recommend spending a night here on a guided tour when visiting South Luangwa National Park.

An unforgettable cultural experience your kids will enjoy as well.

Tandem gorge swing, Zambia, Wild Horizons
Gorge swing

Another one for the thrill seekers!

For those who don’t like plunging headfirst into an abyss, try gorge swinging, where you’ll get the thrill of a 50m freefall and swing, without having to dangle upside down.

Want someone to hang onto? Tandem jumps can be arranged, up to a maximum of 140kg/308lb.

This activity is available in the vicinity of Victoria Falls and can be easily added to your Victoria Falls visit.

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Pierre Burden, Founder of New African Safaris

Pierre is a specialist Africa travel agent with over 20 years experience. His deep love of Africa has taken him on more than 60 African tours.

He has visited diverse destinations, camped, stayed in luxury lodges, and participated in a range of activities across Africa.

Get the best tour for your budget and unique requirements, with New African Safaris’ personal safari planning services for safari tours, by Pierre.

Custom travel itineraries can include Southern AfricaEast Africa, and African beach destinations that can be combined with a safari.

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24/7 Support

We don't just plan your African safari vacation. We are always a call or instant message away, so that you feel safe and supported while you're on a trip of a lifetime.

We don't just plan your African safari vacation. We're there for you throughout your journey so that you feel safe and supported while you're on a trip of a lifetime. We are always a call or instant message away.

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Tailored Itinerary

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Personal Service

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We strive to develop a personal understanding and connection with clients so we can create their perfect holiday combination of African beaches, safaris and cities. We take care of the full travel experience and make sure that every detail is perfect.

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It's Free!

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All-Inclusive Packages

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24/7 Support
24/7 Support
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Tailored Itinerary
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First-Hand Expertise
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Personal Service
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It's Free!
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All-Inclusive Packages
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